Writing-PAD centre Symposium at Plymouth University

j.lockheart Friday 21 of November, 2014

Hi all, Please find attached the latest Writing-PAD Centre event from Plymouth University which will be followed by an issue of the JWCP for peer reviewed and selected contributions. If you cannot open the attached I have copied and pasted the main details below. The deadline for abstracts is quite close, so don't let this one slip. The Designing Critical Messages Symposium will take place on 16-18th February 2015.

Please feel free to circulate this to your networks. ​ Please send your abstracts to: Sophie Habour Research ADE: sophie.harbour@plymouth.ac.ukPapers to be peer reviewed and published by Intellect in the Journal of Writing in Creative Practice by guest editor Dr Pete Quinn Davis and others

Please contact pete.davis@plymouth.ac.uk if you require further details --

Designing Critical Messages Symposium February 16/17/18th 2015 with Plymouth University UKDesign Knowledge Research is situated in the School of Architecture, Design and Environment at Plymouth University UK.

Final Call for Abstracts: 11th December 2014 DESIGNING CRITICAL MESSAGES: ENVELOPE: CALL FOR PAPERSPeople/Spaces/Places/Experiences: This is an international call for papers:The conference begins from the premise that if there is a need for designers to realise that they have to propose something that inspires stakeholders to adopt designs as viable, desirable alternatives, how does this equate design processes/design thinking/materiality and research writing, in a demonstration of what could become real. This conference is interested in the suggestion that this is part of the skill set that designers better have or need to have now. Is this perhaps a different value form of design practice or design research? If Design is collaborative, whether as participatory design, working in design teams, or in collaborations with other disciplines working on projects that involve humans, can the core values of design change to encompass and characterise new skills for designers? Can we develop models that value design skills and methods but proactively seek connections to ethical, philosophical, social, value for the economy and value for change? We seek submissions of empirical studies including practice-based case studies and reflections in the area of design practice/education/research.

The conference calls for abstracts of 500 words with references that fit into one of the following perspectives.

Designing Change through PracticeDesigning Research to Create ValueCommunicating the Narrative of Design DifferentlyUsing Criticality in Design to Determine Difference This event is alongside the international exhibition ‘ENVELOPE’ at Peninsula Arts Gallery and begins a dialogue for a festival of Design in Plymouth. The exhibition is an open call to designers and architects to exhibit what they value, from the significant to the insignificant, from products to graphics and illustration, to speculative design prototypes. Those taking part are from the wide spectrum of design, from the famous to the emerging.

Please send your abstracts to: Sophie Habour Research ADE: sophie.harbour@plymouth.ac.uk Papers to be peer reviewed and published by Intellect in the Journal of Writing in Creative Practice by guest editor Dr Pete Quinn Davis and others

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