OUR MISSION (4 key aims)

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1. To raise consciousness:

  • We aim to raise awareness about the need for more appropriate approaches to writing within/for creative studio practices.
    • Our members will continue to conduct research into the history and daily practices of writing within art, craft and design.
    • According to our research, many traditional academic writing practices within art, design & craft remain underexplored.
    • Originally, they were borrowed from disciplines that had learning aims that are incommensurate to those of the creative studio disciplines.
    • There remains an under-awareness of certain learning difficulties that are common to art, design and craft students.
    • While many individual lecturers and support staff had been addressing the above problems, the majority of their colleagues (and their institutions) tended to remain unaware of their endeavours.

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2. To enhance learning

  • We aim to provide practical support to the learning community.
    • We believe it is important to keep in direct, supportive contact with academic staff and other relevant practitioners.
    • We aim to establish symbiotic relationships that, by offering practical help, also facilitates good research.

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3. To catalyse innovation

  • We aim to promote and conduct research that leads to writing practices that are more effective within the above context.
    • We aim to play a leading role in national and international debate and discussion.
    • We currently disseminate innovative models (both experimental and tested) via our Journal, JISC-mail and conferences, etc., which reach members in at least 5 continents.

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4. To broker change

  • We aim to liaise with appropriate academic institutions on how to implement better alternative practices.
    • We aim to play a leading role in national and international debate and discussion.
    • We believe this can be part of a process by which novel, more effective, models of practice can be implemented within institutions of learning.

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