A Checklist for Authors

A tasklist of essentials - before Journal articles can be published

Thinking of Submitting an Article?

Ready to send a Paper?

  • Please send a full paper with an abstract of between 150-300 words (for the Intellect website)
  • In this document - have you included?
  1. 1) Your name(s)
  2. 2) Your title
  3. 3) Your institution
  4. 4) Select 5 appropriate keywords to help people find your article?
  5. 5) An up to date biography (between 50 and 100 words)?
  6. 6) The most suitable email address?
  7. 7) A telephone number at which we can discuss urgent issues with you?

ESSENTIAL - before we can publish your article

  • Once you have submitted your full article
    make sure you have followed the instructions above
  • Then ask yourself::


  • Are all your images and quotations fully referenced?
  • Have you included all due acknowledgements?
  • Are you confident you have ownership and/or copyright clearance for each image submitted?
  • Have you printed and signed the copyright consent form?
  • Are you sending high quality images? (Yes please - we can receive files of up to 10MB in size. Images must be 300DPI or above)
  • Have you checked the journal's style guide?
  • Thank you. Please email your full paper to writingpadjournal at googlemail.com.

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Author Submission Checklist