By adding the word ‘meta’ to 'design' we get 'metadesign'

  • The word ‘meta’ originally meant ‘beside’ or ‘after’.
  • It now implies a ‘higher order’, ‘different order’, or ‘re-siting’ of something.
  • We have added it to ‘design’ in order to re-define, to re-claim, and/or to augment it
  • (i.e. the existing notion of ‘design’ as it is understood by professional designers)
  • Within the context of the electronic arts, metadesign is seen as a new practice
  • It replaces 'design as planning' with 'design as a seeding process’ (Ascott, 1994).
  • This seems to place the ‘metadesigner’ in the role of ‘systems integrator’ (Galloway and Rabinowitz, 1983).A purpose of ‘metadesign’
  • Where ‘design’ practices and methods usually follow professional codes, customs, practices, and genres, ‘meta-design’ could free itself from these constraints.
  • Maybe metadesign will be more context-aware, extensive, self-aware, effective, eco-mimetic, ethical, and adaptive than conventional (specialist) ‘design’.
  • Perhaps metadesigners will evolve new strategies that are more suitable for the 21st century.
  • However, it may require new thinking in the way we educate designers. http://www.attainable-utopias.org/tiki/tiki-index.php More ideas from Attainable Utopias website" class="wiki wikinew text-danger tips">http://www.attainable-utopias.org/tiki/tiki-index.php More ideas from Attainable Utopias website
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