Background !!

  • Writing-PAD is only in its fourth year, but is proud to have made a positive, if belated contribution to the possibilities for change.
  • Almost half a century ago colleges of art and design were obliged to include writing as part of the degree syllabus.
  • Many remember the aftermath as a Cold War between academic research and studio practice.
  • Although the tensions remain, we can now be more optimistic. The word ‘research’ has been accepted by virtually everyone, and differences can be aired more openly and creatively.
  • Issues such as English as a second language, the role of the viva voce, or plagiarism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and other Specific Learning Difficulties are now being discussed.

Development !!

  • Although the network evolved from an initial concern with Learning and Teaching it now also welcomes theories of writing in creative studio practice.
  • It brings together tutors from across the disciplines, and from different roles such as studio staff, theory staff, learning support, and learning and teaching (L&T) co-ordinators.
  • Our forthcoming Journal of Writing in Creative Practice will reflect this.
  • It will be published by Intellect books

Submitting Papers !!

Abstracts of no more than 300 words should be e-mailed to the Editorial Team at The Writing-PAD JournalReturn to Main Page

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