• The word entrepreneur literally means someone who 'takes from between'.
  • It has become associated with the financial aspects of 'business acumen'.
  • It was probably inspired by ideas of Adam Smith and Charles Darwin.
  • My neologism entredonneur (Wood, 1990) literally means a 'creative giver'
  • It was not intended as a direct criticism of 'enterprise' itself
  • Nevertheless, offers an invaluable practical counterpoint to it
  • The most extreme idea of 'taking' is as unlikely as an extreme idea of pure 'giving'
  • However, by placing the two at opposite ends of a continuum we are better able to map the transition from one to the other
  • It may help us to identify how business, and other modes of enterprise, might be re-envisioned
  • It implies a less wasteful mode of living within an (inevitable) solar economy
  • In theory, at the macro level, tendencies to 'pure greed' may balance the will to 'pure altruism'
  • With better mapping techniques we might be able to replace this struggle with a reciprocal form of altruism
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